The 5 Minute Feel Good Knees Method

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The 5 Minute Feel Good Knees Method

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Knee pain is often caused by wear & tear, misalignment or injury. Yet many professionals recommend exercises that actually make pain and inflammation worse. 

Feel Good Life has developed a life-changing 6-week program called The 5 Minute Feel Good Knees Method. This “no-movement” isometric program is designed to free the knee joint from the onslaught of pain in the comfort of home.

Our unique exercise-based approach to knee pain relief is all-natural and will help rid the body of knee pain without expensive therapy appointments or drugs ridden with long-term side effects.

Isometrics exercises help increase strength, reduce inflammation and realign the knee without causing further pain.


The 5 Minute Feel Good Knees Method Includes… 

Feel Good Knees Companion Guide (Booklet)

In this handy spiral-bound booklet, you’ll learn how to do each isometric exercise with perfect form. Comes with pictures and detailed descriptions. Put it in your purse or glove box so you always have it within arm's reach. Yes, this is a physical book that you can hold in your hands. 

Feel Good Knees Video Library (DVD)

Get access to follow-along videos for each of the 3 progressive levels so all you have to do is tap “play” and follow along for the next 5 minutes. Also includes a short video for every exercise so can perform each exercise with laser-like precision. Yes, this is a physical DVD that you can put in your DVD player at home and follow along with Coach Todd.

Instant Access to the Online Version

When you purchase today, you’ll also get instant access to our downloadable version of Feel Good Knees so you can get started right away while you wait for your booklet and DVD to arrive.


3 Unique Levels To Improve Knee Health & Reduce Pain

You’ll progress through 3 levels that help bring better knee alignment, reduce inflammation, and improve overall knee strength.

Level One is designed to realign the knee. Even a tiny misalignment can increase knee strain by 80% so let’s get those knees aligned to the rest of your body.

Level Two builds on your new-found strength from level 1 so the knee joint can handle whatever life throws at them. And don’t worry, these exercises are gentle, soothing and most can be done from a sitting position or even bed.

Level Three flushes harmful inflammation out of the knee using proven “knee rejuvenation exercises”.

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US Shipping: DVD/book will arrive in 5-7 days. 

Canada Shipping: DVD/book will arrive in about 12 days.


Start the Feel Good Knees system today and finally defeat knee pain.


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Carol H.
United States United States
Worked Wonders!

In April, my knee blew up and was too painful to walk on at all. X-rays revealed extensive arthritis in both knees. Not surprising at 75, but the hints from the doc that I would likely need a knee replacement soon got me researching. I found your knee exercises and ordered Feel Good Knees. These crazy isometrics have worked wonders and got me back on my feet again, in spite of the crazier pandemic! I’m optimistic that if I keep listening to you, Coach Todd, I may be able to avoid knee replacement for some time—maybe even until after COVID goes away!

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Tom L.
After 12 days the pain was gone completely and I was able to walk unimpaired and with strength.

I have meant to write to you for some time. Several months ago I signed up for “Feel Good Knees”, at the time I felt fairly chronic with constant pain in both knees, muscle atrophy and terrible balance. I had tried hyaluronic injections and was taking a lot of painkillers which were largely ineffective and probably damaging my organs. I took your course seriously and did the exercises rigidly, within a week I was relatively pain-free, after 12 days the pain was gone completely and I was able to walk unimpaired and with strength. This is a thank you for something that has really changed my life and I still continue my exercises. It really has been a new lease of life and I would recommend your methods to anyone in a similar position and have actually done so. Best of all I have resumed my work in archaeology, something I didn’t ever think I would be able to do in the field again, though I don’t overdo it as it was one of the main reasons that my condition developed, Thanks again, your methods certainly did what they said they would. Pain-free, off meds, getting around well, life could not be better, Thanks again

Helene J.
Feels sooooo god when doing the exercises!

Feels sooooo god when doing the exercises! Knees feel stronger and less discomfort. Going to keep at it!

Marie J.
The program has enabled me to regain more normal use of my knee

I am currently 69 years old and will turn 70 at the end of January. I have been active all of my life and up until this past summer have played golf 3 – 4 times a week during the summer, usually walking the course to which I belong. I reinjured my right knee in August of this year which is when I enrolled in the Feel Good Knees Program and started with the 6 week program for knee rejuvenation. Although I am still having issues with that knee, which has been an ongoing for at least 5 years, the program has enabled me to regain more normal use of my knee.

Miranda A.
the next realm of healing!

Coach Todd's Phase 1 has helped me with respect to my knee pain and I have gone from having pain 100% of the time to just a bit at night. I'm hoping Phase II will take me to the next realm of healing!

What Our Customers Are Saying

...this has made a huge difference!

I was skeptical that such simple and easy routines could actually improve my situation, but I am elated to share with you that this has made a huge difference!

planning to get rid of my pain meds!

For the first time in years, I'm even planning to get rid of my pain meds!

Jennette Sommer
pain free and have been able to return to skiing

I have just started the second level. The postural alignment information was especially helpful. I am a ski instructor and skiing on certain terrains and conditions was painful. It’s a work in progress, but I am currently virtually pain free and have been able to return to skiing in all conditions and terrain. Thank you!

Joan Y