The Feel Good Knees Accelerator for Faster Joint Relief (PLUS 30 Days FREE Access To The Feel Good Knees Monthly Club)

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The Feel Good Knees Accelerator for Faster Joint Relief (PLUS 30 Days FREE Access To The Feel Good Knees Monthly Club)

Simple Home-based Exercises for Pain-Free Knees... Specifically Designed for Aging Joints

  • Approved by Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Supports Greater Independence
  • Designed for People Over 50
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I now have techniques to stop the pain!

" Pain in my knee usually comes when I am in bed but happens during the day at times also. This morning I was taking a step aerobics class at the gym. My knee started hurting so I started using my thumbs to press and move toward the knee cap and around it....soon the pain was gone!

Janice P., Age 69 Verified Buyer

3 Gentle & Easy Rituals To Accelerate Your Body's Internal Healing For Even Faster Knee Relief...

The Feel Good Knees Accelerator gives you targeted pain relief at certain key points throughout the day. Get even faster joint recovery and deeper knee healing in only 2-3 minutes a day.

Here's how the Knee Accelerator Method works... 

Step 1: Use The 30-Sec Morning Mobilizer as soon as you wake up.  This will increase joint mobility, reduce inflammation and soothe away those stiff and painful morning knees. It takes less than a minute but feels so good you'll want to do it longer.

Step 2: Use The Bulletproof Knees Formula at any point during the day or at work s o you can effortlessly get up and down from chairs or stairs without suffering through irritation or pain spikes. Oftentimes, your knees may feel stiff or swollen during the day. This quick, but powerful routine helps prevent those unwanted daytime battles with stiffness in under a minute.  

Step 3: Use the Midnight MeltAway Massage right before bed so you can wash away any swelling and tension for better sleep and nighttime healing. 

The Feel Good Knees Accelerator System Includes...

Feel Good Knees Accelerator Companion Guide (Booklet)


All 3 routines are clearly laid out in this convenient spiral-bound booklet. No need to search your cluttered inbox for download links.

Feel Good Knees Accelerator Video Library (DVD)

Get access to follow-along videos for each of the Feel Good Knees Accelerator routines. Just hit “play” on your remote and follow along. Also includes a short video for every exercise so can perform each exercise with laser-like precision.

Instant Access to the Online Version

When you purchase today, you’ll also get instant access to our downloadable version of Feel Good Knees Accelerator so you can get started right away while you wait for your booklet and DVD to arrive.

Stay Motivated with New Themes Each Month!

Every month, we cover a new theme so you never get bored and your knee health continues to improve!

Here are some examples of issues from previous months...


Increasing Knee Mobility with the "Knee Cap Release" Technique


The 10 Commandments of Reducing Joint Inflammation


Protecting Your Knees Through Better Joint Alignment

Frequently Asked Questions

Because your body adapts and your knees have different types of stresses over time. Relying on a few exercises that worked before isn't enough. As you follow the easy, simple knee routines in the Feel Good Knees Club, you'll have a roadmap every day to protect your knee health long-term.

Each month, members improve their knee health in a main category such as inflammation, strength, alignment, mobility, and more. Many people over 50 worry about needing future knee replacement surgeries, painful injections, or relying on medications ridden with side effects to find relief from pain. We believe that daily prevention using our natural strategies is the best chance at avoiding these costly, harmful treatments.

Yes, the $12.99 is billed monthly. Each issue of The Feel Good Knees Club is unique and includes a new knee routine for the month, beginner and advanced techniques for long-term knee health, and full color “Coach Todd” illustrations to help you learn each technique easily and clearly.

The simple knee routines in each issue of The Feel Good Knees Club are easy to follow and clearly laid out. You can keep the routines in an easy-to-see location like your nightstand or kitchen table so you remember to do the exercises. Over time, we’ll feature success stories from club members to help inspire you to continue with the routines.

Yes, our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Samantha Wood, and Coach Todd Kuslikis have extensive experience with all types of knee conditions and each issue includes modifications for the techniques to make them friendly for any condition. Including chair and bed modifications. 

Yes. As with all of our Feel Good Life products, we offer a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. There is no risk to you! Our friendly staff will give you a complete refund if you decide it is not for you.

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