The Feel Good Knees Club: New Routines Every Month for Lifelong Knee Health (Digital Access)

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The Feel Good Knees Club: New Routines Every Month for Lifelong Knee Health (Digital Access)

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You Save: $3.00 USD (30.03%)
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Do you struggle to stay consistent with your knee routine?

Are you unsure which exercises and stretches will help your knees feel stronger, healthier & pain-free for years to come? 

The Feel Good Knees Club for Lifelong Knee Health easily keeps you on track every month so that your knees feel their best and you can once again enjoy your favorite activities with greater independence and complete knee health... for life! 

Never again worry about what your knees need to stay healthy and pain-free. Every month, you'll receive new easy-to-follow, 5 minute or less, knee routines that include simple, at-home stretches and exercises. 

Protect your knees from life's unexpected twists and turns and restore your knees to total freedom and health.  

As a Feel Good Knees Club Member You'll Receive...

1. New Routines With Gentle & Effective Knee Exercises To Keep Your Knees Strong, Healthy, & Pain-Free For Years To Come

Just follow along and check off that you completed the day's exercises. The routines are less than 5 minutes and fight against common knee problems such as misalignment, bone-on-bone, knee weakness, meniscus tears, osteoarthritis, and more.

Never get bored with your knee routine because each month is unique!

Check off each day to stay consistent and accountable!

2. All-Natural Knee Rejuvenation Techniques That Improve Mobility, Increase Strength, & Reduce Inflammation Each Month

Learn how to keep your knees happy and healthy with expert advice from Dr. Samantha Wood (DPT) and knee rehab expert Coach Todd Kuslikis (MPA). 

Each month, you'll discover a new, natural knee technique proven to restore knee health and safeguard against future knee problems as you age. 

This is your own "knee rejuvenation toolbox" to use at anytime your knees feel stiff or tender to give you fast relief.

Discover new & natural "feel good" knee techniques for fast relief!

3. A Complete Exercise Illustration Library Each Month So You Perform Each Technique with Perfect Form (Includes Bed & Chair-Bound Modifications)

Learn how to perform each exercise and stretch in the monthly routine with precision accuracy.

Also includes modifications for bed-bound or chair-bound members so you can modify the exercises based on any knee issue or health condition. 

Our "Coach Todd" illustrations help you perform each technique with perfect form & maximum effectiveness!

4. Bonus Advanced Knee Strengthening Strategies & Techniques!

As your knees get stronger and healthier, you'll want even more advanced strategies to "bullet-proof" your knees to protect them from unexpected injuries and increase mobility. 

As a special bonus with each Feel Good Knees Club issue, you'll learn advanced techniques that are "next level" knee joint protection for those already active and healthy. 

When Will I Receive Access To The Feel Good Knees Club for Lifelong Knee Health?

Each month, you'll receive a digital copy of "The Feel Good Knees Club for Lifelong Knee Health" sent via email. 

Get Access to the Feel Good Knees Club for ONLY $6.99/month 

No hidden fees. No long-term commitment. Easily cancel anytime by contacting our friendly support team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have exercises that work already, why would I need this?

Because your body adapts and your knees have different types of stresses over time. Relying on a few exercises that worked before isn’t enough. As you follow the easy, simple knee routines in the Feel Good Knees Club, you’ll have a roadmap every day to protect your knee health long-term.

Each month, members improve their knee health in a main category such as inflammation, strength, alignment, mobility, and more. Many people over 50 worry about needing future knee replacement surgeries, painful injections, or relying on medications ridden with side effects to find relief from pain. We believe that daily prevention using our natural strategies is the best chance at avoiding these costly, harmful treatments. 

Is this a reoccurring fee? I don’t want to pay monthly.

Yes, the $6.99 is billed monthly. Each issue of The Feel Good Knees Club is unique and includes a new knee routine for the month, beginner and advanced techniques for long-term knee health, and full color “Coach Todd” illustrations to help you learn each technique easily and clearly.

I’d rather have a physical book shipped to me? Can I get each issue of The Feel Good Knees Club as a physical book?

Yes, you can get the Feel Good Knees Club issues as physical booklets shipped to your doorstep. Click here to learn more about getting The Feel Good Knees Club physical booklets

I struggle with consistency. How will being a Feel Good Knees Club member keep me accountable?

The simple knee routines in each issue of The Feel Good Knees Club are easy to follow and clearly laid out. You can keep the routines in an easy-to-see location like your nightstand or kitchen table so you remember to do the exercises. Over time, we’ll feature success stories from club members to help inspire you to continue with the routines.

I have bone-on-bone, osteoarthritis, meniscus tear, etc? Will I be able to perform the exercises?

Yes, our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Samantha Wood, and Coach Todd Kuslikis have extensive experience with all types of knee conditions and each issue includes modifications for the techniques to make them friendly for any condition. Including chair and bed modifications. 

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. As with all of our Feel Good Life products, we offer a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. There is no risk to you! Our friendly staff will give you a complete refund if you decide it is not for you.


Protect Your Knees for Life & Join The "Feel Good Knees Club for Lifelong Knee Health"!

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Caroline H.
United States United States
Feel Good Knees really works

After months of ice packing my blown up arthritic knees, unable to walk without severe pain, a doctor told me I would need to see an orthopedic surgeon. It was most likely I would need knee replacement soon! To me, that prospect felt like failure, so I began researching options. Feel Good Knees and Todd appeared in several of my searches. As I read more detail on what he was doing, how he was coaching, and his six week plan for healthy knees, I decided my knees deserved this chance. I could feel improvement within a few days, but continued on with the program. By the end of four weeks the pain was 80% improved. Soon I was walking over a mile once or twice per day, then doubled that. I’m Now up to 10000+ steps daily, bike riding when weather permits, and I swear it’s all thanks to this program. God bless Coach Todd and Feel Good Knees! I’m a fan forever!

  • What is your age? 76
Canada Canada
Grateful heart and knees

My incapacitating knees pain are gone with my prescribed knee brace.My arthritic knees were already due for knee replacement according to my Orthopod.With Coach Todd's recommended excercises,I feel that the muscles/tissues are strenghtened and kind of protecting my worn and torn knees.Iam sooo thankfull.I also enjoy reading the lovely family's adventures.More power to Coach Todd and his team.

  • What is your age? 70 yrs old
United States United States
Never Get Into a Rut

I recently discovered the Feel Good Knees program and decided to give it a try. I have had knee issues for 40 years (since high school), and three years ago my right knee reached the point where I underwent meniscus surgery. The surgeon had to remove more than 80% of my meniscus because it was shredded so badly from past injuries. I have continued to have problems with my right knee post surgery, albeit not to the same severity. Physical therapy only seemed to aggravate it, so I had pretty much given up on any improvement. Then I ran across the Feel Good Knees program and was intrigued. The cost was less than one session of PT, the time commitment was minimal (5 minutes per day), so I felt I had nothing to lose. By the fourth week I had noticed considerable improvement in both irritability and stability, so when the Feel Good Knees Club was introduced, I signed up. This Club takes it up a notch and provides a way to continue building on the foundation established by the basic program. Each month the user is introduced to new exercises and techniques to continue strengthening the knees and reducing both inflammation and pain. The variety provided prevents the short workouts from becoming boring and routine. The exercises require no special equipment. The only expenditure is the cost of the Club itself, which is extremely affordable. I would encourage anyone who is suffering with knee pain to give it a try. I am so glad I did.

  • What is your age? 62
United States United States
Getting my life back again!

A few months ago an email came to me from some guy named Coach Todd claiming to have a 5-Minute routine to relieve knee pain. Guaranteed. Now, I have been suffering from knee osteoarthritis for about six years and have tried every type of non-invasive means to keep my mobility including physiotherapy, walking, recumbent bicycle, supplements, creams, massage, icing, heating, ultrasound, CBD, etc. You get the picture. Most of those things helped a bit, but I was slowing coming to realize that many of the things I had loved doing in the past were probably not going to be possible for me going forward unless I got knee-replacement surgery. That is something I just couldn't resign myself to do. So, when that email came claiming to end to my knee pain in 5 minutes or money back, I figured there was nothing to lose by trying. To be honest, I wasn't realistically expecting knee pain to disappear completely in 5 minutes, BUT my experience of doing the routine did deliver a HUGE reduction of my knee pain immediately. It was pretty startling, actually. I walked into the kitchen and told my husband that I had just done these exercises for 5 minutes and my knees felt better than they had for a long time. I have kept up with Coach Todd's exercises--especially the patella release-- and subscribe to the Feel Good Kees Club. I am now playing golf again! I can't even tell you what a blessing that is. Stairs are still a little painful, but I have no doubt that with continuing strengthening of the muscles surrounding the knees, that will also get better. God bless you Coach Todd! P.S. As a side note, Coach Todd loves to share stories from his life with his subscribers and I have to say they are really fun and a joy to read.

  • What is your age? 70